Our aim is to create unforgettable, enlightening experiences for our guests, while aiming to illuminate lives and tread lightly on the earth.

We invite all of our guests to join us in a combined effort to minimize our ecological footprint, and make this world a better place for everyone. You can do so, by indicatively following some of our suggestions.

Environmental Responsibility

All of us here at Minoa Apartments take our environmental and social responsibilities very seriously. Whether it’s developing resorts using sustainable materials, recycling waste materials, conserving water or preserving ecosystems, we are always prepared to take

the initiative. Our hotel is committed to actively reducing energy, water, waste and chemical consumption. We are committed to reducing waste as much as possible, including drastically cutting down single-use plastic.

A greener holiday, a more environmental- friendly destination and yet an ever more enjoyable experience awaits you in Minoa Apartments!


The carbon footprint that our generation produces is vast, therefore, we try our best to minimize the impact on the environment with new technologies such as LED lights, air-con

that stops working if the doors are open, and only supply power to the electric devices in the room that are absolutely needed to function.


Recycling the water for plant watering as well as monitoring the flow of water in our bathrooms and facilities are just a few of the initiatives we take in order to ensure that we reduce water consumption to the minimum.


In our waste deduction program, recycling has a key role in having the minimum amount of waste across our resort. Our tap water is filtered and monitored daily, so that we reduce the use of plastic bottles and moreover, our guest can find it very easy to ecycle glass, plastic, paper, as there are recycling stations in key points at the resort.

Sustainability chain

We are in constant contact with our suppliers to make sure that we have the same perspective regarding the environmental policies we have set our goals to achieve.

Whether it is from changing our packages in which we supply our products to our guests, or even constantly trying to support local entrepreneurs and providing our guests with local products.

Supporting local businesses and suppliers

Minoa Apartments has always been very close to the local businesses on the island, as well as, businesses in Greece. Our goal is to always work with cooperates who are able to supply us with local products, such as Greek vineyards, and we have done so in the past years. Our goal is to solely provide our guests with Greek labels in products, wherever this is possible. Throughout the years we have continuously cooperated with locals, sending clientele to experience the island with cruises that run almost every day, as well as, suggesting local restaurants that offer Greek specialties International.

Giving back to the community

As part of our sustainability program, but even more so, due to the fact that we do care about our community, Minoa Apartments has been supporting Heraklion ever since the very beginning. We have managed to increase the employment of locals in our hotel as well as, we have noted an increase in our donations to various organizations for public benefit.



  • Use the water supply wisely, and turn off any water tabs when unnecessary.
  • Recycle using the indicative recycling bins throughout the grounds of the hotel.
  • Turn off the air-conditioning when you are not in the room, and help us save as much energy as we can.
  • Do not ask for a change of towels every day. Help us against misuse of energy and water consumption.


We use our position to inspire people, partners and customers to respect our planet, and champion products and processes that contribute to healthier, happier communities while minimizing our environmental impact.

However, this is only the beginning. Over the next few years, we will address new challenges in order to fulfil our vision in responsible and sustainable ways.

Our collective efforts will focus in the areas where we think MINOA APARTMENTS can have the greatest impact - creating opportunities for young people, building stronger communities and preserving our environment. We hope to continue getting closer to the ideal leading and socially relevant company with the ambition to continue contributing with our activity to breaking down barriers and fostering socioeconomic development of the destination where we operate.